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FENPROF marks World Teacher's Day in Porto FENPROF marks World Teacher's Day in Porto

FENPROF marks World Teacher's Day in Porto

World Teacher's Day is marked on October 5. This day, which is promoted by ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF and Education International, will also be marked in Portugal, this year, in Porto.

With the indispensable health security measures (distance, significant reduction in the number of teachers present, use of mask and disinfectant gel), the teachers (leaders, delegates and union activists) will meet in Praça dos Leões, at 14:30 hours, parading to the center of Porto, where they will “carpet” Avenida dos Aliados and Praça da Liberdade with their main proposals for the State Budget for 2021. The “carpet” to be used will consist of thirty-two (32 ) tracks that, on the whole, measure more than half a kilometer.

This year, World Teachers' Day will, of course, be marked by the pandemic situation and its consequences on Education, both in health and pedagogical terms, but the concerns and attention of teachers are not limited to them. At a time when the profession loses teachers and does not win candidates, to counter this worrying reality is to guarantee conditions of attractiveness, that is, to value the conditions of professional practice of teachers, whether in terms of career, job and professional stability or retirement , or working conditions. Rejuvenating the teaching profession, making it attractive, is urgent and urgent, otherwise schools will no longer have properly qualified teachers, with very negative consequences on the quality of teaching in Portugal.

The action to be promoted by FENPROF on October 5 will also have the importance of being carried out within a few days of the presentation of the State Budget proposal, by the government, to the Assembly of the Republic.

Teachers and educators, like so many other professionals in our country, were extraordinary during the period when the schools closed, extraordinary in the organization of this school year and extraordinary in this return to face-to-face education. This fact reinforces their legitimacy to demand to be respected, recognized and valued, certain that respecting teachers is valuing Education and the future.


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