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António Nóvoa at the FNE World Teacher Day António Nóvoa at the FNE World Teacher Day

António Nóvoa at the FNE World Teacher Day
A webinar with António Sampaio da Nóvoa and the online transmission, on the site Obrigadoprofessor.pt, of various celebratory events across the country will constitute the celebration of October 5, World Teachers' Day, promoted by the National Federation of Education (FNE) and their unions.

There will be several registers that will be published throughout the day and that will go through reports of the #obrigadoprofessor flag flying in several schools from north to south of the country, by testimonies of several personalities, teachers, leaders of the FNE Teachers Unions, for a celebration next to the Professor's monument in Póvoa de Lanhoso, but also for live and delayed concerts.

Also noteworthy is the webinar "And now, teachers?" to be held at 5 pm of the same day, with the participation of Professor António Sampaio da Nóvoa, moderated by João Dias da Silva, Secretary General of FNE and Álvaro Santos, Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of ANDAEP (National Association of Heads of Groupings and Public Schools) for a debate in which the role that teachers today are called to play worldwide will be discussed.

Also included in the celebrations of October 5, FNE participates in the 24-hour online broadcast of the International Education (IE) with the dissemination of various video contents linked to the #obrigadoprofessor initiative. This webcast can be followed around the world at www.5oct.org/pt-br/. With this action, IE intends to show the world that teachers are united to lead the front line and teach the world the lessons that the pandemic has brought us.

In this way, we intend to pay tribute to the Portuguese teachers who, in the difficult moments we have been living in, have addressed the enormous weaknesses so often highlighted in an education and training system in which so little has been invested over so many years. Therefore, we want to project the future with the celebration of this day that serves as an affirmation for a time that we want hope not only in health, but also in the valuing of the professional life of Portuguese teachers.

World Teacher's Day is celebrated around the world and celebrates the teaching profession and the role that these Education professionals play in the search for a more just, equitable, sustainable and quality society for all.

This year, under the theme defined by the Education International "Teachers at the front line", we seek to reinforce the message of the importance of the recognition by society of the fundamental role that teachers play. Only with prestigious, valued and recognized educators and teachers will a better school be promoted, a school of inclusive and equitable quality.

And this appreciation includes the determination of safe working conditions in schools, includes limits on the time they are required to work, includes the right to a dignified retirement, includes stability and security in the profession and recovery of service time.

The FNE does not give up. Together with our Unions we will build proposals and achieve goals, in defense of our proposals and in the actions that are necessary to achieve them and so that our young people can enjoy their right to quality education in the future.