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National Education Plan completes two years with challenges to achieve the goals National Education Plan completes two years with challenges to achieve the goals

National Education Plan completes two years with challenges to achieve the goals
On Wednesday (15), in the Chamber of Deputies, in Brasília, the National Seminar “Two Years of Implementation of the National Education Plan (PNE)”, with the participation of the president of the National Confederation of Workers in Education (CNTE) , Roberto Leão.
With the lecture that had as its theme “The PNE and the valorization of Education professionals”, Leão highlighted that the National Education Plan provides the tripod for initial and continuing training, the salary floor and the career of education professionals (teachers, specialists and employees), inseparable, as advocated by CNTE. "Therefore, given the legitimacy and social support for the principles of professional enhancement in Law 13,005, the Confederation and its unions will fight for the unrestricted implementation of the Plan's goals, within the pre-established deadlines," he said.
For the federal deputy of PT / SC and president of the Parliamentary Front in Defense of the Implementation of the PNE, Pedro Uczai, the synthesis of the Seminar is the strategic struggle to value teachers, expand investment to 10% of GDP, maintain the reserves of Pre -Salts to finance education, define cost-student-quality and build a minimum curriculum base for the whole country.
Senator Fátima Bezerra (PT / RN) emphasized that the Plan needs to move forward in the implementation of goal 17. “The goal says that it is necessary to value professionals in the public education system of basic education, in order to match the average income of other professionals with equivalent schooling, by the end of the 6th year of the PNE's term, therefore, two years have passed and the goal has not yet been met ”.
The CNTE president also highlighted the institution's mobilizations, in defense of democracy, the National Education Plan (PNE) and professional development. The first act will take place on June 29, in front of the Ministry of Education and the second, the "March of Public Servants in Brasília", will take place on July 12.
The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Waldir Maranhão and representatives of the National Association for Research in Education Financing (FINEDUCA), the National Union of Municipal Education Directors (Undime) and the National Union of Students (UNE) were present at the Seminar. , among others.
The Executive Secretary, Claudir Mata Magalhães and the Secretary for Combating Racism, Iêda Leal, both from CNTE, were also at the event.