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Motion of solidarity to the National Strike of Teachers of Angola Motion of solidarity to the National Strike of Teachers of Angola

Motion of solidarity to the National Strike of Teachers of Angola
The National Confederation of Workers in Education - CNTE, an entity representing more than 4.5 million workers in Brazilian public schools of basic level, comes out to publicly express its support for the National Strike of Angolan teachers, convened by the National Teachers Union de Angola - SINPROF, for the 5th, 6th and 7th of April.
The struggle for good, public education goes beyond borders at a time when the threat of privatization and commodification does not spare any country in the world. The fellow professors from Angola demand, among other things, salary readjustments and improvements in their working conditions.
In a recent event, during the International Seminar that preceded the 33rd National Congress of CNTE, last January, union representatives of education workers from the five continents, among which the SINPROF members, shared their experiences and difficulties in relation to educational conditions education workers in their countries. The situation in Angola, Brazil's sister country, for which we nurture deep social and cultural identifications, concerned everyone.

The situation of public education in this great country is appalling. Now, in the last month, as a result of their union activity, Angolan teachers suffer retaliations of all kinds for not participating in the strike by their own government, which, amazingly, is part of the current composition of the International Organization's Board of Directors Labor Organization - ILO. They threaten the possibility of placing police in schools. It is an affront to union freedom.
We will not admit, in any part of the world, such a debacle! Education workers in Brazil stand in solidarity with their fellow teachers in Angola. The free exercise of union activity must be guaranteed by the State itself, at the risk of ultimately compromising the democratic system itself. We will not shy away from reporting any violation of this sacred right !! All support to fellow teachers in struggle in Angola !!
Brasilia, April 4, 2017
CNTE Executive Board