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MEC dismantles structure of the National Education Forum MEC dismantles structure of the National Education Forum

MEC dismantles structure of the National Education Forum
On June 1, the month in which the National Education Plan (Law 13.005) completes two years in force, the Minister of Education, Mendonça Filho, exonerated the entire ministerial team responsible for supporting the National Education Forum, an instance provided for in the PNE to promote participation and social control in the processes of design, implementation and evaluation of educational policies at the national level.
On the same day, more than half of the team that comprised the Secretariat for Continuing Education, Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion (Secadi), which is part of the MEC structure, was also exonerated.
These measures, unfortunately, show the change in the conception of the new ministerial management, especially in relation to the willingness to dialogue with progressive sectors of society.
An alignment of the new management of the MEC with conservative and fundamentalist sectors of society is perceived, not very close to the reality of the public school, as in the case of the actor Alexandre Frota, or who acted against various provisions of the PNE approved in Congress, especially with regard to gender and diversity issues. And the first “coup” of the MEC comes exactly in the sphere of social representativeness in the policies of the Ministry and in its internal Secretariat that deals with racial and gender issues.
CNTE condemns this episode and will mobilize itself so that MEC respects the legal commitments attributed to FNE, maintaining its internal structure and social representativeness expressed in ordinances 1,407 / 2010 and 502/2012. Otherwise, the prospects for the democratic implementation of the PNE and the achievement of the next Education Conferences (Conae) will remain totally compromised.