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Triennium 2004/2007 Triennium 2004/2007

The Activity Plan that is now presented also reflects the start-up stage of the activity in which CPLP - Union of Education is located. It therefore constitutes a work outline that will be up to Organs elected bodies to execute and develop according to the dynamics that CPLP - Union of Education will achieve.

Affirmation of CPLP - Education Union

The task still imposed on this young organization is to assert itself among those who will be its interlocutors and among those to whom its activity is directed.

Thus, the central concern will be to affirm the CPLP - Education Union with the governments that make up the CPLP, with the executive bodies of the CPLP, society and education workers in each of the respective countries.

This affirmation will be all the more effective the better the CPLP - Union of Education knows better to affirm education as a key element for the political, social and economic development of society.

Structuring CPLP - Education Union

Affirming an organization necessarily implies a structure with human and financial resources capable of accomplishing this task. Naturally, much of this capacity will depend on the greater or lesser commitment of the organizations that make up the CPLP - Union of Education. To this end, it is essential to start up the governing bodies, to improve contacts between all educational workers' union organizations operating in CPLP countries, to organize effective means of communication, to seek the financial means to meet the proposed objectives. .

Maintain and enhance the newly created website

In order to monitor, get to know better, link activities and reinforce cooperation and solidarity between all organizations, a CPLP-SE website was created. Keeping it permanently updated, from a central nucleus responsible for its maintenance, but also for reinforcing information from each of the unions, will be a priority task for the next three years.

Hold a Training Seminar

CPLP - Union of Education will seek to hold a Training Seminar that is, at the same time, useful to the various organizations and a moment of affirmation of the structure with society, for which an achievable deadline and, if possible, the resource own financing of this initiative.

Strengthen bilateral cooperation or that is smaller than the general structure of CPLP-SE

Given the natural difficulties in carrying out initiatives that encompass the totality of its unions, CPLP-SE, and its executive bodies, must encourage and support specific actions of specific work between two or more of the affiliated organizations that aim to achieve the objectives approved in each Union Conference.

Collaboration with other international organizations

The governing bodies of the CPLP-SE are expected to feed the organization's affirmation path in the next three years with other international bodies, namely those of a union nature, including unions from other countries, individually considered.

Prepare the 2nd Education Union Conference

As foreseen in the approved Statutes, the 2nd Education Union Conference will take place in 2007 and its preparation must be a concern of Organs elected bodies in order to constitute a high moment of affirmation of CPLP - Education Union.